PR Planning Resources

Companion Resources for A Manager’s Guide to PR Projects: A Practical Approach

Final cover - a managers guideFor public relations/communications instructors

Slides to accompany the use of A Manager’s Guide to PR Projects as a course text are available for download as follows:

Part 1: Introduction to Project Planning

Part 2: The Research Phase

Part 3: The Planning Phase

Part 4: The Implementation Phase

Part 5: The Evaluation Phase


For accreditation preparation

For practitioners studying for their accreditation examinations, the following PDF downloads of the slides will help you the get the most out of using A Manager’s Guide to PR Projects as a study tool to prepare.

Part 1 – Introduction to PR Project Planning

Part 2 – The Research Phase

Part 3 – The Planning Phase

Part 4 – The Implementation Phase

Part 5 – The Evaluation Phase