About Patricia Parsons

Patricia Parsons, principal at Professional Issues in Communication, recently retired from her position as (full) Professor and a past chairman of the Department of Communication Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), Halifax, Canada, where she taught for 26 years following a career in health communication and writing.

Prof. Parsons’ professional and academic research and writing have been primarily in the areas of communication ethics and strategy, and healthcare communication. The second edition of her popular handbook A Manager’s Guide to PR Projects: A Practical Approach was published by Routledge in late 2017. Among her dozen books is Beyond Persuasion: Communication Strategies for Healthcare Managers in the Digital Age (University of Toronto Press, 2013) as well as numerous articles for both the professional and lay press. Her most popular book, Ethics in Public Relations: A Guide to Best Practice (3rd edition) was released in 2016 by Kogan Page in London, in association with the Institute for Public Relations in the UK. The first edition has been translated into Italian and Indonesian.

Prof. Parsons’ primary teaching responsibilities while at MSVU were in communication ethics and strategic planning and social media applications in the four-year Bachelor of Public Relations, as well as the Master of Arts (Communication) and the Master of Public Relations programs. She was the founding Coordinator of the Bachelor of Science (Science Communication).

Prof. Parsons pioneered on-line teaching in her department at MSVU, and has presented pedagogical papers on leveraging social media for student engagement at the Dalhousie Conference on Teaching & Learning and the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

At Professional Issues in Communication, Prof. Parsons continues to develop and share resources with educators and practitioners in corporate communication, and provides publishing consultation with individual business people and academics who are contemplating self-publishing.

She is an accredited member of the Canadian Public Relations Society and was admitted to the CPRS College of Fellows in 2005.

Prof. Parsons currently lives in Toronto where she consults in strategic communication issues and academic writing and publishing and does a weekly vlog on writing and publishing on YouTube at WRITE. FIX. REPEAT.

To contact Professor Parsons:

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