The Canadian Public Relations Society and its Canadian PR Idol Contest

As the Canadian Public Relations Society reviews its use of social media at its 2013 annual conference, and in preparation for my fall graduate ethics course, I’m revisiting my ‘rant’ that I originally posted on “Backstory” last fall.

Patricia J. Parsons

About a month ago, I responded to a call for proposals for presentations/workshops/panels for the 2013 meeting of the Canadian Public Relations Society.  The title of my presentation is: Did you really say that? The truth about bulls**t and PR.  Here is what I submitted:

When Prof. Harry Frankfurt, a Princeton philosophy professor published his essay “On Bullshit” in 1986, he started a discussion that could only be interpreted as a serious indictment of the ‘truthfulness’ or lack thereof of our field. This presentation will “inspire participants to challenge norms and live beyond the status quo” by understanding what constitutes BS and how PR messaging can avoid contributing to it. Together we will explore the definition of BS and examine instances of BS in PR & marketing campaigns in Canada. It is only through an ethical lens that we can begin to reframe the conversation.

I opened my email this evening…

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