Demonstrating professionalism

It was so interesting to watch Barack Obama at work on his image and profile in Ottawa yesterday.  Not that he really needed any help in the moment – he seemed to have enormously supportive crowds following him – even if many are supportive because of the ABB effect (anything-but-Bush). 

Many commentators as well as those who met with him, especially Michael Ignatieff, mentioned that the man possesses not only style, but there is real substance there.  Perhaps that’s the real essence of professionalism these days.  Substance with style.

We talk a lot in the world of work these days about being “professional” but it often seems nebulous and downright subjective.  What I might consider to be a demonstration of professionalism, you might not appreciate.  But are there a few commonalities that we all think about when it comes to professionalism?  I think so.

Here’s my list:

·         Professionalism means treating everyone with the level of respect that you expect. 

·         Professionalism means being competent.

·         Professionalism means considering the ethical ramifications of your actions.

·         Professionalism mean style backed with substance.

A few thoughts…


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