Test Your Ethics (with the help of my students)

The fall semester zipped by (I must be getting awfully old) and the new one begins.  As it happens, this is my writing-researching-non-teaching term, so in addition to launching a new book and the new edition of an old one, I’m working on a new book proposal and contemplating what I’ve learned about ethics and professionalism from my students last term. 

I learn a great deal from every student I encounter – although not all of them add to the new knowledge – sometimes they teach me about myself or about the world in general.  This past semester was especially interesting since the students completed an ethics video assignment.  I thought I’d share a few of them.

We’ll start with a test of your ethics.  The questions that the students pose in this thought-provoking piece are some of the ones that we explored through the term.  Do you have answers?



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