New Media = New PRofessional Issues

I just finished teaching a senior seminar on social media to senior students in our undergrad program. We examined a lot of technical and strategic issues related to using the new web 2.0 tools and techniques, but the most intriguing issues that we discussed related to the more esoteric questions.

Some of the questions that the students posed (and that we discussed but never did really put to bed) were these:

1. How can those of us in public relations and corporate communication balance control with innovation when embarking on the use of less traditional media? Should we be trying to control messages with this medium?
2. What is the impact of citizen journalism? (We discussed Andrew Keen and his take on the “cult of the amateur.”)
3. How transparent do you need to be and what other ethical issues are inherent in this headlong lurch into social media?

The questions that the students raised were as intriguing as the answers are going to be as we move forward.

As for incorporating the answers into future classes, we’ll be looking at a curriculum update this fall!

Do you have the answers to any of the questions?


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