Blogs & the Slippery Slope

Today in the social media course I’m teaching to senior undergrads, one of my students presented a case concerning blogging by sitting parliamentarians.  The case-in-point was the blog penned by Garth Turner, erstwhile Conservative turned Liberal backbencher. 

His blog is a wonderful way for a democratic representative to cultivate a dialogue with his constituents and anyone else who cares to read and comment.  He’s open-minded enough to understand that the prupose of a blog is to welcome transparent comments…and so he does.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of whitewashing at all.   

However, where the professional/ethical slipery slope seems to enter is in the kinds of musings that can be so tempting for someone in his position to “dish.”  For example, who among us wants to have to consider the potential blogging upon every comment that we make behidn the closed doors of a meeting with colleagues for example?  Would you be less candid if you thought that your remarks might be reported upon out of context?  Indeed, is it unethical (or jsut rude) for someone to blog about somethign you said in private?  Somethign for all public communication pros to think about.  BTW the student presentations this term have been terrific. 


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